Monday, February 14, 2011

Last week....

...I decided to try waxing. Myself.

I had gone on a big cleaning binge in the bathroom and decided to get rid of a whole bunch of beauty products I had either never used or just didn't want, and during that process I came across a box of Nair wax strips. I don't recall ever buying these but that didn't seem important. Come to think of it, I never thought to check if there was an expiry date.

Me: "I just waxed my lip and it really hurts."
The Boy: "What?"
Me: "I just waxed my lip. And it HURTS."
The Boy: "You're mental."

As I continued my whining, he asked me why I felt the need to wax my lip, presumably because I don't really have any abundant hair issues there.

How could I tell him the truth? That I thought it might be fun or satisfying? That the pretty little box with the cartoon lady on the front made it look more like a board game than a painfully harsh beauty product? Even the strips themselves were lime green and were dotted with little multi-coloured sparkles. Cute, right?

I had never tried waxing before. I was curious. Adventurous even. I felt as though I were the Jacques Cousteau of hair removal!

Me: "The strips were really small, I didn't think they would work on my legs."

Sometimes, it's a wonder I'm not single.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

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