Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I came home....

...from the cottage to some disturbing news. The boy had picked up a Roch Voisine cd at a yard sale. When I asked him why (and secretly hoped he would laugh it off, indicating he had made the purchase purely for irony's sake) he said that there was a really good track on that album.

Let it be noted, that while I have never actually broken up with a guy over his musical tastes, I have certainly been turned off enough to learn of a potential mate's less refined musical appreciation, that I have immediately relegated perfectly good men into the "friends only" cetegory. I am a music snob, have been for years.

Now, I am able to make certain concessions. For instance, I understand the Boy was born almost a full decade prior to myself. Based on his being born in '72, his muscial likes & dislikes were pretty well being cemented during the early to mid-80's. This could be either very good or very bad. In his case, it's both. He likes some great bands. One of his favourites is The Cult. This is, in my opinion, good. Another one of his favourite bands is Def Leppard. This I can let slide. Now, having recently learned that he also likes a Roch Voisine song...well, this could be grounds for termination of relationship.

I'll let you know which way things go.

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Lisa said...

Wow, that's rough! Roch Voisine. Ask him if he remembers the short lived MILK commercial, mostly aired on MusiquePlus featureing Roch singing the lyrics "lait, lait, lait, lait" One his best hits!