Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So this weekend is our annual college reunion. There are about 10 of us (the number fluxuates every year) who have kept in touch and who regularly congregate at my grandparents cottage on the August long weekend...we've done this every year (except for one) since we were in college. This year will be the smallest group yet...Shanna just had a baby, the first one from our little group to do so.....Edge is in the middle of moving from Halifax to Toronto.....Colin is traipsing across the West Coast...Meesh is getting married the following weekend and E-Blaze has fallen off the face of the Earth...I sure hope they can all make it next year. However, B-Rad, Vassy, Morrow, Karks & I are ready to paint the lake red this weekend. Some of these people I only see once a year...others I make a point of seeing a bit more often....and oddly enough, despite of lack of contact through the year, I still consider them all some of my best friends. I miss them and I think about them all the time and I love that we went through 2 of the most fun years of our lives together. I'm not sure if they think about me as much as I think about them....but I truly cannot wait to see them this weekend. I hope we still get together every summer for a long time...even when we are married and have kids. God, why am I being such an emotional spazz right now?!

The only thing I am sad about is that I am really going to miss being away from this for 4 whole days.

Ok....not, not that outfit - or lack thereof - and not that hat which is the bane of my existance....but the boy I will miss.

Oh yeah...I'll miss these guys too.

I am taking this one with me though. Look at that can I not? Even though the chances of me ending up with dog pee or barf in the car are pretty high. Sorry, that's gross.

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