Monday, August 16, 2010

Last Friday....

.....we prepared to leave for a long weekend away at the cottage. Myself, the boy, the short one, and the two small dogs. We planned to leave around 1. But we knew better than to put too much pressure on ourselves, as we have never once hit the road on time.

This time.....a miracle occurred. We pulled out of our driveway early.

Only by a minute, yes. But normally, when we plan to take off for the 7 hour drive at 1, we are lucky to be out of the house by 2.

Don't get too excited though.

The above photo was taken after we gpot about 3 blocks away and then realized we didn't have any pillows or blankets, so we turned back.

When this photo was taken we were exactly 7 minutes down the highway (after having stopped for french fries at a chip stand, then at a garage sale and then at another convenience store to buy a magazine).

I love road trips.