Saturday, August 21, 2010

The things..... see while working on a Saturday. Wow, it's like a whole other world out there. It's nice to have a big window that overlooks a downtown street though. Allow me to share two things I saw this morning:

One, I don't mean to judge parents, as I am not one, but I'm really not sure about those kid-leash things.

Two, I just saw a woman wearing the tighest pair of acid wash jeans ever. Yes, I wrote "tighest" and "acid-wash" together in the same sentence for the first time since I wrote my 1988 Christmas list.

Anyways, I grabbed my camera, but by the time I was ready, she had entered here apartment across the street. I've have my camera sitting beside me at the ready for the past 4 hours in case she re-emerges.

Enjoy your Saturday.

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