Thursday, June 3, 2010

I really can't explain.....

....why I have such an affinity for the Golden Girls. I'm certainly not in their target demo. But for as long as I can remember the show has ranked among one of my favourites. And I know a surprisingly high number of friends who feel the same.

As a young girl, myself and my best friends watched it religously during summer holidays. We were about 8. I'm sure most of the humour was way beyond us. But we loved it anyways. For a while I was nicknamed Blanche in her honour. Which made no sense. And may (probably) account for why I was such a strange youngster.

Anyways, of course Betty White tends to be the one making headlines these days with her current surge in popularity. But today it is Rue McClanahan who is in the news. The woman who played Blanche Deveraux (my favourite Golden Girl character alternated between her & Dorothy, depeneding which season we're talking about) passed away this morning. posted a great tribute to her. You can check it out here if you like.

I can't wait to go home this afternoon and catch the now daily back-to-back GG rerun.

Ruth, may there be ample handsome suitors and a rainbow-hued array of silk robes awaiting you.

One of the friends I refereed to above just snet me this message:

"awe, so many good memories, such a loss...:)...but i still find it a tad strange that at 10 years old golden girls were one of our top shows....and on another not we gotta thank god we still got barker around 86 and going strong!"

The odd thng is she hadn't even read this blog posting yet. I was goin gto allow her to remain anonymous, but Tina, you just outed yourself. No worries, Bob & Blanche are nothing to be ashamed of. I should know.

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