Monday, June 7, 2010

We went.... the drive-in on Saturday night. We saw Get Him to the Greek (which was really funny) and the new Robin Hood. I've never been to the drive-in here in Owen Sound. And it's been years and years since I went to one anywhere. I'm thinking high school. Anyways, the boy treated me to it, and it felt like a real "date". Like normal couples might go on when they first get together. Except on a normal date I probably would not have consumed (i.e. inhaled) an entire serving of nachos with cheese sauce and jalapenos. And I probably would have tried not to fall asleep during the second film. And I probably wouldn't have brought my drooling, overweight dog along for the ride. I surely wouldn't have worn pajamas. And I wouldn't have commented to my date that I want to hook up with Russell Brand.

Am I ever glad we are long past all those awkward formalities.

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Kathy said...

Too funny...

I've never thought to go in my PJ's. Genius. Pure Genius.