Friday, August 28, 2009

I think I may have neglected to mention that I work part-time in one of the most fascinating, surreal pubs on the planet. That I know of anyways. Think Twin Peaks.

Anyways, I hope to have photos soon (said photo has since been uploaded. See below)....but last night, on just a regular old Thursday, with nothing out of the ordinary scheduled, here are a few thingsthat went down:

-Even though I was bartending, I was roped into playing an impromtu game of pool (doubles) with 3 others (I don't play pool). My fellow players consisted of one slightly retarded man, one short fat blonde woman dressed straight out of 1983, who told me she was good at pool and therefore would be my partner to make up for my lack of skills (she lied) and some guy named Will who wore some of the narrowest jeans I've ever seen.

-Shortly thereafter I was draped with a 10-foot long albino python named Cooper. In the bar. I'm still working at this point.

-After the snake tried to get a bit fresh with me (see above photo)....we were treated to an unplanned Alice Cooper Tribute Performance, complete with smoke machine, face paint & light show. (My former pool partner was up front & centre living it up on the dancefloor during this show might I add. And she put on quite the show herself.)

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