Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So I was watching this show last night on the history of rockabilly and rock n' roll & old school rythym & blues....and it was like being back in Music History class. I loved that class. Aside from the practical skills I learned in Radio Broadcasting, that was certainly the most educational class I took.

Anyways, this show last night was incredible...it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I can honestly say I truly love Rockabilly music. I can't hear it without wanting to dance. It immediately makes me want to move. I love the attitude, the sexiness, everything. I love that in it's early days it went against everything that was normal and acecptable.

I love the outfits, the moves, the voices, the hairstyles.....ahhhh. Sometimes I forget how happy music makes me. It's nice to be reminded.

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