Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've been....

.....so terrible at updating my blog lately. It's awful. I feel like I have nothing even remotely worth sharing. We had a yard sale. Note to self, yard sales on Sundays fail.

I am busy planning the pub reunion party for the girls and the regular customers. Everyone's coming to my place this Friday. Then I made the poor choice of planning a trip to Ottawa the very next morning. 8 hours in a car, in long weekend traffiuc, with at least 2 dogs....and more than likely hungover? Idiot.

I am looking forward to stopping at the cottage on the way home to help my grandparents open it for the season. This is my absolute favourite place on earth. Waking up there, and hearing the birds and the tree frogs and boats heading out early in the morning in bliss. Ok, enough gushing.

Plus, I will get to see my family, and if I'm lucky, and can squeeze it in, maybe catch up with a few old friends too.

The house is still for sale. And it's still a pain in my ass.

We hit u psome great yardsales on Saturday while people were going through our house for a showing. I fot some great finds. At leasy I thought they were great until the mixed reactions I've been getting from people when I tell them what I bought. I think my most recent garage sale expedition warrants a whole separate post of it's own.

And...I think that brings you up to speed with what's been going on in my life since last week.

Oh, sometimes my dog does weirdly human things. The other day we were on our way out to the beach and I looked over and she was sitting there for about 10 minutes, just chilling uot, like this:

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