Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What an amazing....

....long weekend.

Friday night, the Pub reunion went over perfectly. It was so good to see everyone. Almost all the girls and all the regulars were able to make it. I didn't bring my camera out even once, which I'm sad about. Most o fmy guests are probably relieved.

I bailed by 12:30 and went to bed....leaving the boy to entertain the remaining crowd and clean up. I'm such a good hostess. Then I woke up Saturday, dreadfully hungover, and we hit the road for the 7 hour trip to Ottawa. We stopped at the cottage and got to visit with my grandparents. We helped them put the dock in which meant about 3 hours in the very chilly water. It was worth it though. Then onto Ottawa. Got to visit more family, enjoy numerous BBQ's, a boat ride, even a record setting quick visit (um, like 4 minutes) with an old friend.

In the span of 6 hours I went from pasty white.....

....to having the most awkward, tacky uneven sunburn ever.

Lola also felt the effects of the sun's harmful rays.

Here she is pre-boat ride:

I like to call that her Billy Idol look. See how her lip gets stuck in her teeth sometimes? It literally melts my heart. It's sick.

Anyways, if you ever wondered what a seasick dog looks like, you are about to find out.

And I realized that the boy may be many thing....but photogenic is not one of them.

We also went to the Super Loblaws. Coming from Owen Sound, where we do not have these types of things, it was like being at Disneyland. You could really tell I live in a small town. I was in awe. I got lost. I spent about 5 minutes in the bistro section, which overlooks the entire store, cazing in amazement at it's seemingly endless aisles of glory. I need to get out more. I wanted to take a picture bu tthe boy told me normal people don't do that sort of thing. Then he ran off to the baked goods area and left me to my own devices on the clothing section. Yes, clothing section. So we got our buns, and a sundress, and got the heck out of there before people realized there were outsiders in their midst.

Oh, and went went to Arby's. Not once but twice. The second time we spent $19. Just on the .99 cent value menu. You do the math.

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Meesh said...

I'm going with 3.5 minute visit! :)