Monday, May 31, 2010


.....I am sunburnt within an inch of my life. The problem with getting sunburnt is that you aren't allowed to compalin about it. It's like a hangover. You've done it to yourself.

No one offers any sympathy. My mom scolded me and told me I probably have skin cancer. The boy got endless amusement out of my bizarre tan lines and said more times than was necessary "Well, I told you....."

This morning, as I lay on the couch, feeling as if me entire body was on fire, unable to move, covered from head to toe in globs of green, slimy first aid cooling gel, starting to blister, I looked at the boy and wailed, "I look like a monster!!"

"No look fine. Feel better ok? Have a good day Nessie."

Then he walked out the door.

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Meesh said...

Nessie!!! hee hee hee