Monday, July 19, 2010

This coming weekend.... my college reunion. I'm not sure how many years we've been doing this, but every summer a group of us from Algonquin College's radio broadcasting program get together for a weekend at my grandparents cottage.

It's pretty much the only time I see all of these people at once. We've got to be going on 10 years now, counting the 2 years we were in college. The group varies between 6 and 20 people. It seems to get smaller every year....but I love these guys.

I just saw Lisa a month ago when she visited Owen Sound. She is my sense-of-humour-soul-mate. She pretty much knew everything about me during our 2-year college stint....and she is still my friend. So bonus points for her.

Last year while showing off her squat thrusting ability, she slipped off the dock and down a rocky cliff into the water. Followed by a violent vomitting spell which lasted about 10 minutes. Then she went right back to the cottage punch. She's a trooper.

Then there's Vassy. On really has to meet Vass to fully understand him. One time in college, Vassy walked in on me in a very compromising position in one of the studios. He's never let me forget it.

And Brad.....I'm totally sad that Brad won' tbe able to make it this year. But I'm secretly hoping he will show up and surprise us like he did the one year when he drove 12 hours from the east coast just to be there for the weekend. Hint, hint.

Edge.....if I ever have kids, I want Edge to be their godfather. Which is wrong on so many levels. But that is another story.

I can't count on him for harsh advice and brutal honesty at all times, in all facets of my life, including, but not limited to, relationships, career choices, living arrangements and wardrobe decisions.

Last but not least is Morrow. Morrow makes me laugh with almost everything that come sou tof his mouth and I will probably have an innocent crush on him for the rest of my life. Awkward. Don't tell him I said that.

Of course, this isn't everyone. Erika, Colin, Shanna, Meesh.....everyone.

We can go a year without even speaking to each other....and then upon arriving at Bob's Lake we immediately revert back to the moronic drunken immature kids we were when we first met. And I need that once in a while. \

Here's to another year of memories, over-consumption, cottage punch, and making fun of thsoe not in attendance. See you in a week.

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