Wednesday, July 7, 2010


....I will be co-hosting the morning show along with comedians Darren Frost and Johnny Gardhouse.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with their work, you may recognize them from comedy specials or tv commercials. I was informed that Darren was the Listerine Superhero Guy.

If that is still not ringing any bells, here are some GQ-style photos of each of them.

I'm super excited. One, because it will be nice to have co-hosts. Especially funny ones. Two, I have always wanted to be a stand up comedian. Despite the fact that I'm not very funny and have crippling stage fright. Anywho.....

They are going to be perfoming in Owen Sound as part of the Owen Sound Comedy Festival this Saturday. Plus, we are getting a phone-in interview from Nikki Payne, who is one of the headliners. She is super hilarious.

It must be hard to be a stand up comedian though. People would expect you to be funny all the time. Every time you got an invite to a party, or a BBQ, or out to a bar with friends, you'd think there would be this immense unspoken pressure that you are required to entertain everyone. For free. Like it was your job. I can't really relate except for the fact that I feel like punching people in the face when the say any of the following to me:

-Say something in your radio voice
-You don't sound the way you do on the radio
-How come you're not smiling? You always sound like you're smiling on the radio.

Hm, maybe I'm not smiling right now, because I've been awake for 17 hours, I'm at my second job, slinging drinks, and you think I'm somehow obligated to entertain you, while you stare at my boobs.

Maybe I'm a little intimidated too. I can always make fun of myself when I say something dumb and break the tension with humour. But what if I try to make a joke tomorrow and they all just look at me? Because suddenly, compared to them, I'm totally lame? I'm just used to being one of the loudest people in the room. I'll surely have some competition tomorrow.

But back to the topic at should be an entertaining couple of days. And a vicious reminder of my shortcomings in the humour department.

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The DH Files said...

I LOVE it! I had Darren and Johnny in with me, as well. :)