Monday, October 18, 2010

Once again....

...I have completely ignored the advice of about 75% of people I know. After we lost Lola, we were strongly advised not to "run out" and get another dog in an attempt to fill the void. And in fact, for the first few days after losing her, the boy and I could not even fathom owning another dog ever, let alone in the near future.

As I've said before, losing Lola, was for me, losing my child. I don't have kids...and she was my little girl. We knew we'd never replace her, and even if we did try, as she was the funniest, most charming dog I've ever seen, we would have failed miserably at even coming close.

My heart was broken and while each day got a little better, I still cried over her on a daily basis. I miss her terribly, and would give anything to have her back....

....but I decided to go with my gut and heed the advice of a few others who, while in the minority, were die-hard pet parents like myself. They understood what we were going through and knew that while we can never replace Lola, we could certainly do what we needed to do to try to fill the giant hole she left in our lives.

Meet Oliver (Ollie). Ollie joined our family on Friday night.

I know not everyone will agree with our decision to get another dog so quickly. But it's a testament to how much we loved having Lola around that we simply could not imagine our life without a little French Bulldog in it.

While many people have said he looks just like Lola, I see a completely different dog. Which is good. He's a totally different personality (i.e. he's a handful...that isa nice way of saying it).

He's a lot slower and more clumsy than Lola. He sleeps way more. And when he does, his little tongue hangs out. It's really cute. At least his momma thinks so.

His eyes are really far apart, which gives him a "slow" look as the boy says. I think it's just endearing though.

I cried on the way home after we picked him up. A mixture of still missing Lola, and holding a puppy again for the first time. But also because I was so grateful we had this little guy coming to our family.

If he's half as happy as Lola was he'll be one spoiled boy.

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Meesh said...

Jamie!! This little guy is so cute. I heart the photo with him sleeping xoxox