Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So for work..... boss is making all the announcers record their very own, spooky Halloween i.d. (a little snippet of audio that goes in between songs) to run on the air this weekend.

In mine, I have to say, "This is Jamie 'Jekyl & Hyde' Johnston. From all the undead at Mix 106.5, Happy Halloween!"

All this is fun and cute...except that we have to record them in character. By that I mean, we had to try to do a spooky or scary voice. I despise doing character voices, as our producer can attest to. I rarely do impressions or accents because....well, because I can't.

As a result, my "spooky" Halloween read sounds more like an 80-year old smoker suffering from emphysema.

Update: You know you want to hear it:

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