Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving....

.....with lots of laughs, family and food. It was much needed after the horrendous week we had in our house. The weather was gorgeous, hitting the 20 degree mark most days and tons of sunshine. The boy & my Dad got to spend some time golfing. I came across the scorecard in my dad's truck later that afternoon and while he golfed very well, the boy had stopped keeping track of his score on about the 15th hole.

We had not one, but two great dinners, some drinks and lots of laughs. Oh, and it wouldn't be an Owen Sound Thanksgiving without a little bit of beer-can hockey.

Afterwards (and after the aforementioned drinks), my dad came to see me to inquire if we were ready to hit the road and head home to our place. I told him both the boy & I were indeed ready to call it a night, and he said he was going to get tell my stepmom to get ready to leave. Now, I'm not sure what ensued in the next five minutes....but by the time the boy and I got out to the road to get in the truck, we were just in time to see the truck's tailights peeling around the corner at the end of the street.

It's not possible my father & stepmother left without me is it? Could they have forgotten their daughter? On Thanksgiving? When the temperature was about 2 degrees and we were blocks from home? When they were spending the weekend as guests in my house?!

The boy offered an optimistic suggestion. "Maybe he's just goin garuon dthe block to get the truck warmed up for us."

Alas, this was not the case. The boy and I went back inside, made ourselves a couple of to-go drinks and hit the road. In the dark. In the cold. On Thanksgiving night. Me wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a thin cardican. Oh, and flip flops.

Upon arriving at home, my parents were nestled cozily on the couch, woodstove roaring.

The worst part was, my step mom took the time to rememeber to grab the bottle of wine I had brought to dinner, but she forgot her own husband's daughter. Sheesh.

Note: I wasn't actually mad. If anything I admired their sense of priority. What can I say?

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