Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2 years ago today....

...I was hit on by a drunk guy in a dirty bar...and subsequently swept off my feet. Helloooooo, romance.

While, based on my desciption, you may think this is when that photo was taken, it was not. this is just a random photo. But seriously, it's been a wonderful two years. We went out for dinner to celebrate on Saturday night since the boy had to leave again to go out of town all this week. Before he left though he snuck off to the flea market and bought me two antique chairs that I liked.

I got him....nothing. You see, we had decided not to buy gifts for each other. What with Christmas coming up. But only I actually stuck by that decision. However, I do have a surprise early Christmas gift for him that I will be giving him in 2 weeks when we go to Ottawa. I am takin ghim to the Sens game on the Saturday night. I may be just as excited as he is. Um, there is also one little problem with this. I am a Sens fan. He is not. But it's the thought that counts, right?

Also, not to be overlooked today, it happens to be the 75th birthday of my favourite woman on the planet. Marmy. Happy Birthday Marm. I love you so much!

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