Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Announcer Pumpkin Carving Contest

So I never could have imagined I'd get so into this challenge. It's basically what it sounds like. All us announcers will carve a pumpkin....we'll take photos of them and upload them to the station website....listeners vote on their favourite. Everyone who casts a vote is enetered into the grand prize draw of $100 basket of candy. The winning announcer gets bragging rights. So at first I set my sights pretty low........

Cute right? It's Scooby Doo. And it also bears an uncanny resemblance to one of my dogs.

ut I mean, I'm up against some creative people...some with warped minds.....(we're radio people after all) and that trait could lend itself well to pumpkin carving. So I started looking through websites devoted to professional pumpkin carving championships....and let me say...those were some incredible pumpkins. And wayyyyy beyong what I know I am capable of doing. Here's just a sample. See?

Anyways, these are just a small fraction of some of the AMAZING pumpkins I found online. Some of the ideas people couldn't came up with, I couldn't even believe. It makes me jealous of some people's creativity.

So...I did some more searching, hoping to find something middle-ground-ish. Something that I can do without going to pumpkin carving school...but something that would be a little more impressive than your standard triangle eyes and crooked mouth. I'm thinking along these lines:

Something creative but not too hard to do. There's nothin gin the rules about not being allowed to use props. And I should know...I made the rules.

I have a few other ideas too.....but while I was searching I also found a great idea for any of you who like to do something crafty and beautiful during the holidays. I usually associate Christmas with beautiful home decor.....but I came across these. Who would've thought? Aren't they great?!

I also saw some beautiful pumpkins with just 3 round holes for the mouth, two for the eyes, no details.....and then painted all white. Then you put tealights in them and line them up on a mantel or shelf. Such a simple idea...but so pretty. Why can't I ever think of these things?

Ok...I'm not Martha I will probably never get around to doing this. But it's nice to pretend that I was considering it.


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