Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I took the step-daughter to Walmart a couple weeks back to get a Halloween costume. She picked out a Snow White dress. I got her some white gloves and a little tiara. I know Snow White doesn't wear a tiara...but seriously, cute kid in a tiara...give me a break, how was I supposed to resist. Anyways, the costume is adorable and she looks super cute. I can't wait to go all psycho-mommy and take pictures of her in it.

It's a way nicer costume than I ever had as a kid. And probably most people my age. My mother, god bless her....but I will never forget the year I wanted to go as a rock star...and my mom, in an attempt to make my costume, somehow fell off track midway through and before I knew it, I was being told I was now going as Peter Pan.

That actually happened.

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