Monday, October 12, 2009

I really have nothing to write about today. It's been a whirlwind of a Thanksgiving weekend. But nothing out of the ordinary....lots of family (even an unexpected visit from my stepmom & stepsister who were visiting from my hometown), lots of food, a surprise call from my borther in California, a great concert, and tons of time spent at work. Which is the only yucky part of the whole weekend. In fact, I'm at work now. Yup, I got the short straw and have to work this holiday Monday. I don't mind. It's nice & quiet here today and I can get a lot done.

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend. And any of you American folk....hope you just had a nice ole regular weekend.

Oh, before I go....this is why I love talking to my brother. It was precisely 7 seconds into a long distance phone call before I had him dissolved into laughter.

Also in the course of the conversation he told me he thinks I've contracted "the swine". Also, know as swine flu...or H1N1. One thing that sucks about having a brother who is a nurse. Paranoia. Then we laughed about me being quarantined in the hospital (potentially the result of small town hysteria and overreaction) and having my hospital room swarmed by reporters. And being forced to wear a mask and being treated like a freak. Only my brother would get all this and find it equally as funny as I do.

To anyone who knows me, I do not have H1N1. Let me assure you, I am just gettign over a bad flu. I swear.

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