Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!'s been a few days. I was dying with the flu. Well, not dying. But I sure felt like I was. I even seriously considered wehther I cpould have caught "the pandemic"....the dreaded SWINE FLU! But I think I'm over the worst of it.

The boy was genius. He didn't annoy me once the entire time. He didn't dance around the house in his boxers, he didn't sing the same line of a song over and over at the top of his lungs (ok, he did last night, but I did say I'm over the worst of it so I let it go). Anyways, he oozed tenderness and compassion and he waited on me hand and foot for 3 days and never got tired of it or annoyed with me. I have much to learn in the compassion department, and I could learna good bit of it from that boy.

Anyways, if you are ever off sick....and are home bored, with nothing to do.....check out of of my FAVOURITE webbsites. Specifically the "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" story. Hours will FLY by. I promise you. Girls, you will melt.

I am sure hoping by Sunday that I am no longer a snotty, sickly mess. (Sorry, gross, I know). I have to MC a concert....Johnny Reid. Sigh.....he is a country artist.....but he's so much more than country. His songs are country, rock, soul, R&B...all combined. If you are not a fan of country music, never fear....he is really not what you'd expect. Plus he is friggin adorable. And he has the most delicious Scotish accent. Yup, you'll die. Oh, and to top it all off, he is the sweetest, warmest most genuine man. Ok, I'm quite obviously gushing. But he is just one of those musicians that othe rmusicians should take a cue from. He makes a point to remember people's faces & names. he makes time for everyone. Ok....I'm done. The boy is SOOO looking forward to attending this event with me and watching me fawn and giggle and stare and go tongue tied. No he's not. But I can't wait.

I won't be makin git home to Ottawa for the holiday this weekend....but the boy's Mom will be putting on a fabulou sspread. And I've got plans to meet up early with the sister-in-law for lots of pre-dinner red wine. Have a super Thanksgiving weekend everyone!

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