Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And the award....

...for the oldest puck-bunny goes to.....ME.

I was talking to a co-worker yesterday about a promotion that is currently running on-air asking listeners to go online to submit their favourite OHL Hockey moment.

Which got me reminiscing about when I first moved to Owen Sound. I was young, and single. Or lonely and desperate, take your pick. Anyways, I had, what I can see is now, a very innapropriate fixation on some of the young hockey players.

Being that I was oh, 24, and most of the players were born in the 90's.....it was admittedly wrong.

I remember half-jokingly inquiring how a young single woman would go about becoming a "billot family" for a player. I was told I was a "lawsuit waiting to happen". That's a direct quote ladies & gentlemen. Visions of a young pool boys, decked out in speedos and hockey pads no longer danced in my head.

"That's the best thing about Attack players. You get older and they stay the same age."

Both Matthew McConaughey and my co-worker were certainly correct.


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