Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My brother is.....

...a nurse. Recently his work paid for him to take some additional training. Here is what he emailed me about it:

"So for the last two days I was at this seminar for my work that would have made you go insane. It was a class were they teach healhcare workers to heal people using their own and their patients energy. And you have to keep in mind that my hospital is paying me to go to this. They made us make "lasers" out of our fingers to cure each other. We also had to open each others chakras and do magnetic sweeping of each others energy fields. All of which only involves waving your hands over other weirdos who are eating up this bolony. I can't believe I kept my composure. I felt like I was with a bunch of smart Children who believed in Santa clause. And just so u know our instructor can't perform "psychic surgery" cause it's too beyond her...but don't worry she can reach into u ( with her energy fingers ) and feel your organs to make sure there ok. And don't forget to ask permission from her pendulums before you use them so not to confuse their energy. I feel like I live in another universe. It's scary. "

My response:

"Ahahahaha.......I am SO glad that wasn't me. I would have totally cried when I got home. I would have had an anxiety attack. Or told someone off. I can't handle that s***."

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