Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The house....

....is up for sale. And my anxiety has been in overdrive knowing that at any second someone could call wanting to see it. Who knew so much dog hair could accumulate in between twice-a-day sweepings?

I was so excited the night the sign went up. Of course I took photos. It was as if my child were going off to school for the first time. Ok, it was nothing like that. But still, it was exciting.

I'm not afraid to admit that while I usually try to keep my house somewhat tidy, it's been hard. And it's only been on the market since Saturday morning. Especially when we've got 4 dogs. And sometimes kids. And a boy who works in a rock quarry and comes home covered in dust every night. MY O.C.D. is in high-gear right now. Not to say I haven't picked up a few little tricks along the way to cut down on prep-time before showings. Allow me to share:

-It's ok to hide dirty dishes in the oven. If a potential buyer want to look in there, they do so at their own risk as far as I'm concerned.
-The dryer is just asking to be a storage unit for dirty clothes.
-Scented candles are good. I like to hide them (the ole' "smelled and not seen" trick) so that people think my house just naturally smells like Lemon Ripple or Butterscotch. And not dog hair.
-And yes, I always have fresh cut flowers on my dining room table. Right.

I can't believe I just googled "Superstations to sell your home"...but I did.

"Bury St. Joseph. Because St. Joseph is the saint of family and home, it is a long believed tradition to bury a statue of St. Joseph in your home's backyard. He is believed to bring luck in any real estate transaction. To receive St. Joseph's full power, he is supposed to be buried upside down with his face towards the street."

Who is St. Joseph, how do I get ahold of him, and how do I convince him to allow me to bury him in my yard?

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Jennifer said...

We stuck cinnamon sticks under our sign in the ground and put a jar of ginger there too....we got two offers the next day.....I'm just sayin'....