Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I had the best....

......phone conversation last night. I love when you get a phone call that you weren't even expectin gin the first place and you spend 75% of the call laughing so hard you can't even talk.

My brother & sister-in-law called me on speakerphone last night so we could all chat. The boy had already gone to bed so I was free to make as much of an ass out of myself as I wanted. Let's face it, there are certain senses of humour that appeal only to blood relations and not so much to spouses.

The conversation covered the following topics:

-denim shorts on men (right or wrong?), which morphed into a conversation about Tobias from TV's Arrested Development
-bed wetting (both human & canine)
-peeing in a wetsuit (there was a lot of urinary talk)
-organic rollerskating
-what life would be like if Courtney Love was your mother
-and cock stoppers (obviously not the words I expected to hear my brother say through the course of an ordinary conversation.....turns out a cock stop is not at all what I thought.)

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Anonymous said...

You Cockstopper You!