Monday, December 14, 2009

I bought.....

....the cutest thing at Walmart this weekend. Doggie Booties! yeah, I know, you can make fun of me later. They were $11 so I couldn't afford to buy a set for all the dogs, I only got a pair for my smallest one. Plus the boy refused to allow me to even consider buying booties for his big, strong Boxer. But I tried. Even the ones I got for Lola, he won't refer to as "booties". He calls them her "work boots" so it doesn't sound so "flamboyant".

Anyways, these things look like mini-Uggs. They are brown with a little fur trim. See?

We took her for a walk last night and when we got home I lined them up along the heater to dry them out. And they looked so cute, it made me want to cry. Like I had a tiny 4-legged baby. (Ignore the creepiness that image conjurs up in your mind.)

(Speaking of Walmart, I also just realized that I was there 3 seperate times this weekend. That being said, my Walmart dependency is an issue to be dealt with another time.)

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