Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ok, really, last post....

.....before the holidays. I am hosting approximately 20 people for Christmas Eve dinner tonight (90% of them it seems are under the age of 6). Then we are Ottawa-bound tomorrow, on Christmas Day.

I am so excited. And so happy. And did I mention excited? Can't wait to be in my grandma's house looking at her tree.

I have some Merry Christmas greetings to mention. Bear with me.

Merry Christmas to my family - the boy's family here in Owen Sound who will be invading my home in a few hours. The two short ones, B & T. My family, both here and in Ottawa, who I can't wait to see in the next few days. (Except for my brother & SIL....hi guys....I don't feel sorry for you not being able to make it home for Christmas because you lucky brats live in California. So suck it up buttercups.) Merry Christmas to an angel/nephew who is going to look after the two big dogs while we are gone.

Merry Christmas to my co-workers....somedays work would be unbearable without you. Merry Christmas to some of my former co-workers as well, now lifelong friends. Other people that I deal with in any work capacity through the year - especially those of you working at other stations across the country - enjoy the well earned holidays. Thanks for your inspiration, support, collaborations and advice.

To the Jason's crew & the pub girls....CHEERS! See you tonight!

My puppies....they may as well be my furry, 4-legged children.

The boy. Who got up and made me breakfast this morning. Who is working on the to-do list I left him. Who puts up with me every day. And pretends to enjoy it.

Merry Christmas to my friends. Especially those back home who I only get to see once or twice a year. But who mean the world to me. Who I can pick up with where we left off and despite marriages and babies and breakups....we can still act like idiots and tell the same jokes we've been telling for the last 10 years. To those friends who are celebrating their first Christmas with new babies....or those hoping to be celebrating with a new baby by this time next year!

To anyone who stops by to read this blog from time to time....I don't know why you do, but thank you for making the time I spend rambling about stuff worthwhile.

Anyways.......Merry Christmas to all.....and to all a good last-day-of-work.

Safe & happy holidays!

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Jamie!
We love you.
Come back to Cali.