Friday, December 11, 2009

I had a doctor's appointment.....

....on Wednesday to get a physical. The boy was kind enough to come with me to the doctor's clinic and wait in the lobby. I told him it should only be about 15-20 minutes. In & out. Um, literally. Instead the doctor seemed to forget about me and I waited for over an hour in a little room. Finally, I got dressed and made a dash for the waiting room. As I approached I could hear talking and laughing. It sounded almost as if a crowd had gathered....only to find the boy SURROUNDED by young women & girls, also awaiting their turn with the doctor. It seems the ladies had taken quite a shine to him and he took this opportunity to entertain them as he waited.

So guys, if you are looking to meet a nice young lady then try a Sexual Health Clinic Waiting Room. Hey, at least you know she's gonna be healthy.

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