Friday, September 11, 2009

The boy is in the final hours of working on this year's demolition car for the local fall fair. I am encouraging every other participant to not go easy on him. I do NOT want this car returning to my laneway after tomorrow night's event. Don't get me wrong, I will be cheering the boy and and hoping he doesn't get himself maimed. And hoping he has fun.

But that's it.

A few things about this car:

-He spends days upon days working on it in preparation for the big event

-It has been sitting in my laneway for MONTHS

-My laneway and surrounding lawn are covered in dismantled car parts. So embarassing.

-It means he has various relatives and buddies dropping by to offer their advice, help with the car, drink our beed and use my bathroom. All fine....except one of these buddies does not leave our house. it's been a week now. I'm going insane. And still have 2 days to go.

-We actually spent money on this car.

The good thing is my boy loves it and gets right into it. He throws himself more into this than anything. Some may say this is may be right. But i love I will suck it up and cheer him on and pray for irreparable damage. To the car. Not him.

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