Monday, September 21, 2009

Do you ever have those dreams where you are trying to dial a phone number and no matter hwo many times you dial it, you either get it wrong or your fingers just won't push the correct buttons...and it's always - at least in my dreams anyways - like, the most important phone call of my entire life. I'm about to be murdered. Or I have a chance at a great prize if I can only just call the number....right away...but alas, it never works. Well, sometimes I have bouts of panic when i'm actually trying to dial a number and I get it wrong or I miss a number. And I start to freak immediately thinking of my dreams. Anyways, I just thought of this because I had to attempt to sign into my blog about 3 times before it finally worked just now. I entered the wrong password and email address. This isn't even what I was originally going to blog about....but then panic overcame me and I forgot my original intent.

Oh, I was in the Dollar Store yesterday and their Christmas stuff is out!!! I only yesterday decorated my front porch for I know full well it is too early to even THINK about decorating for Christmas. Especially because yesterday was about 25 degrees and I got a bit of sun. Plus, we still have to get through not only Thanksgiving, but Halloween too! But I'm still excited.

What a busy weekend. On Friday night I hosted dinner at my place for the boy's parents 48th anniversary. A great time was had by all....except Friday at work was one of the busiest days of my life. So I was a little stressed trying to get everything ready on time. The boy had called and said he wouldn't be home until about 15 minutes before people were to start showing up...which caused me even MORE stress since it also meant I wouldn't have a car to pick up any of the last minute things I would need. Anyways, I somehow got everything together....finished work at a semi-decent time, picked up the step-daughter, bought some beer & wine (2 stops), raced home, ignored child labour laws by forcing step-daughter to sweep the main floor of the house (figured I could get away with leaving the upstairs as is), did some additional tidying up of my own (hiding unfolded laundry, cleaning bathroom sink & doing dishes) and threw together not one, but two casseroels & got them in the over. Now, since I had borrowed the boy's mother's van, I had agreed to race out and pick them up at 5:30 (as well as his sister) and bring them up to the house. So at 5:15 I realized I miraculouly had everything done - and with 15 minutes to spare. I decided to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine and try to relax before the ensuing madness. I had just reached up into the cupboard and retrieved a wine glass when the back door opened and in tromps the boy's niece...with her hubby and 3 INSANE children in tow. All boys. All under the age of 6. 45 minutes early. The boys proceeded to release my step daughter's hamster (later recovered), dance on a table, move another table from the living room into the dining room...and this was all in the first 15 minutes. Anyways, it ended up being a fabulous night, with lots of wine, good stories, laughing...and family. The party continued, even after the boy & I finally had to call it a night.

I won't bore you with the details of Saturday as it was all work related. Yesterday was nice though. I got to sleep in. Then I hung out with the stepdaughter & her sleepover buddy. When the boy came home we packed up a cooler and went out to a friends place and sat in a field on his property as the kids rode aroun don the 4-wheelers. It was a beautiful day, so while I only knew one of the couples, I still liked sitting in the sun and relaxing.

I wish I had taken some photos on Friday night...but I will be the first to admit my priority was the delicious red wine and my photo taking intentions kind of fell by the wayside.

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