Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I have to quit smoking

Here was my night in a nutshell:

-It got sunny so I decided to do the dog walk after all (new weekly group I joined, where a bunch of local people all go on a dog walk together)
-On the way there it started raining
-Drove all the way to bognor marsh...no one was there
-Drove to the animal shelter to find out if maybe it got cancelled...no it was still on, but I had gone to the wrong end of the conservation area. There was no need for me to drive all the way to Bognor at all...the walk was actually starting from near the Billy Bishop Airport.
-Found everyone and joined in for what I thought would be a half hour walk (since I had already missed half an hour)
-No.....was an HOUR AND A HALF HIKE thorough an actual muddy MARSH and up a the friggin escarpment!!! IN THE RAIN. Going up was the worst. I realized how out of shape I am....and my legs turned to jello, I couldn't even speak cause I was so winded and I actually felt like I was going to barf. It was like 8th grade track & field all over again.
-Got back in the van, with 2 muddy dogs.....and Jonas proceeded to step on the ashthray and spill it all over the floor of the mother-in-law's van. GAWD.
-Race to Sunrise Auto Cleaners and spend 20 minutes vaccumming out van in the pouring rain.
-Decide not to go to Home Depot, which had been my plan all evening. I was even going to use it as my excuse to dodge out of the walk early.
-Felt guilty about not buying switchplates so when I got home I painted a second coat in the livign room and sanded & painted one little wall in the dining room that had never been done.
-Cooked a giant bowl of carbs (I mean pasta), read Twilight and went to bed.

The boy should go away more often. I am getting a lot done.

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