Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ok....so I have a couple of recipes I want to post on here. i was debating. I think recipes, especially thsoe that have been borrowed or passed down are somethign to be terasured and not passed about. But these recipes are so good I want to share them. They are my grandma's. an dthey are failr simple to make...but they are the definition of comfort food.

I will try to remember to share them soon. Don't be discouraged when you read over them. I promise you, if I can make them, they are easy. and so worth it.

speaking of getting discouraged, I just looked up a recipe for Italian Wedding Soup...it's one of my favourites and for some time I've been wanting to make a nice big batch of it, freeze it, and then be able to enjoy it this fall. Then I read over the recips, realized I had neve rheard of half the ingredients and quickly minimized the page. Alright...onto somehting a little simpler. Ah, stuffed mushroom caps. You can't go wrong with that.....muchrooms, a little bit o' cooking wine....onions, garlic...oh, and CHEESE! Ok, ok, there are a few other little things as well. But who cares?!

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