Tuesday, September 15, 2009

By the way, the boy's demolition car didn't do so well. he took a big hit right off the top during his heat and something caught fire...which caused the engine to seize up. I know it's just a little demolition derby....and a small town fall fair. But to him, it's so much fun. He is like a kid with a new toy. He so wanted to do well. I felt so bad for him when after all that work it didn't go the way he wanted. Sometimes I'm not the most empathetic person so I knew it must have touched me to see him so disheartened.

I'm already encouraging him to start thinking about next year. because as much as I hated having that beat up old car in my laneway....I didn't mind this:

There are certainly worse things to come home to than a bunch of boys working on a car. I don't know...there's just somehting about guys who are into manual labour. Sigh.

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