Friday, September 25, 2009

I was just reading one of my favourite blogger's postings today. She was writing from the plane and it reminded me how much I hate flying.

First of all, you can try all you want to explain jet propulsion and the laws of physics & gravity and all that.....but I still don't get how planes can fly. and i HATE when people use that old cliche "Well, you know, flying IS safer than driving."

No. It's not. I've been driving all my life. I've never had my car hijacked. Plus, I've been in a number of accidents throughout my life. none too serious, thank god....but nonetheless....some were a little more serious than just a fender bender. Yet, I've never been killed. However, you find yourself in a "little accident" aboard a plane....and you're SCREWED.

Anyways...last time I flew was in March when I went o visit my Bro & SIL in California. I had the easiet flight ever. I got dropped off at the airpiort so I didn't have to worry about parking. Of course since I was flying alone I was anxious about:

-getting lost
-not going to the right terminal
-missing my flight
-losing my ticket
-losing my passport
-losing my luggage

I checked my passport and ticket every 5 seconds. God bless Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Anyways, i made it onto the plane without so much as a hitch (completely unlike the last time I flew alone, but that is a story for another day). The flight was long, I didn't sleep very well. Unfortunate, since my plan had been to take a Gravol and sleep through the entire 6 hour flight to San Francisco. (in the end, I also decided to forgo the Gravol since I am known to snore like a drunked 80 year old man and I thought about how embarassing that would be if I was disturbing all the other passengers on the plane while being completely oblivious to it). Anyways, I watched 2 movies and what seemed like entire seasons of both The Office & Two & a Half Men. finally we were getting closer to landing. We were ove rthe mountins, I could see homes, and pools and the Bay......and then I could see the airport and the runway......I had made it! My plane had not crashed, it hadn't been hijacked (although I had alleviated this fear earlier in the flight by convincing myself no one would really benefit by hijacking a flight going from Toronto to San Francisco anyways), I hadn't barfed, my earsdrums were not feeling as if they were going to explode from the changes in altitude (although I was now deaf in one ear)....nope, we were about to land and all was well - "GAH!!!!!"

This was actually the noise that escaped (LOUDLY) from my mouth before I even knew it. My hands simultaneously flew to the arm rests and grabbed on with all my might. we were crashing. I just heard a huge thud and the plane THUMPED and dropped. Oh Jesus. Then I noticed the guy beside me looking at me. As soon as I saw him looking at me (as if I were a lunatic) he quickly averted his eyes and looked calmly out the window. I followed his gaze...and saw that we had actually landed. The loud thump was the landing gear. We were safe. And not even in the air. I'm such a geek. Get me off this plane now.

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