Monday, September 28, 2009

Mouse traps & power outages

So the boy can never make fun of me for my packing issues ever again. See, anytime I go away, I take way too much, not unlike most girls I know. We could be going away for 2 nights to my hometown and I will pack for every possible scenario, and as if we were going for 2 weeks. Anyways, last night the boy left for a 4 day job in Parry Sound. It's only about 3 hours from here. But he can never make fun of me ever again for packing too much. He had like 8 bags. In his defence I guess the guys who are going with him had to bring their own food & bedding and everything. But still. See what I mean?
Anyways he picked a friggin GREAT night to go. There was an insane thunderstorm last night. The lightening woke me up before the thunder did...and it takes a LOT to wake me up. So I had 4 dogs in bed with me. And I couldn't get back to sleep because the power was flickering....and I was having to re-set my alarm clock and was scared I would sleep in. Sigh.....

THEN....this morning I got up and me & the dogs (I know, I know, the dogs & I) went downstairs for feeding time (feeding time for the dogs, not me), and all the dogs gathered around this one cupboard under the sink and were staring at I knew there must be a mouse running around in there. It's that time of year. Unfortunately when I opened the cupboard it was not running's head was caugh tin the mouse trap but it WAS STILL ALIVE!!! (Insert gagging noises here)Anyways, I started crying and shut the cupboard and debated what to do. My first though was to drown it because I've heard that is what you are supposed to do......but that seemed even worse than any other possible I got out the oven mitts, and brought the whole darn thing outside to the front porch.....the little guy was still moving around and stuff and wasn't bleeding or you know how hard it is to open a mouse trap while wearing over mitts and trying not to touch a squirmy mouse? Not easy...anyways, I finally got it open...and the little guy just ran off...ok, he kind of hopped off...or limped, whatever. But I saved him! See, I wouldn't have told this story unless there was a happy ending.

Now, I am all for being an independent woman, and being able to deal with tough scenarios on my own. after all, Before I met the boy I lived on my own for 10 years. But still, I guess we get used to having a team mate around who takes care of the icky jobs for us. Anyways, it made me miss him even more. I know, I know....he's only gone for 4 days. And he's only 3 hours away. Other people have to endure much worse. But this is the first time he's ever left ME. Usually I am the one gallavanting off on little adventures while he stays put and takes care of things on the homefront. Like wrangling 4 dogs for feeding time...and emptying mouse traps, and fixing blown fuses and doing the dishes when they are REALLY gross. He left me the sweetest letter under the alarm clock, which I found when I went to bed. And it made me cry. And it reminded me why I love him. And those reminders are nice every once in a while. That being said, I will be able to get through this week just fine. I get extra room in bed, and am looking forward to copious amounts of gossip & catching with some good girlfriends. See, the glass is always half full (of red wine) in my world.

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