Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How exactly do you pronounce a $ sign?

This is the question that has been wracking the brains of many fellow radio people for months now in the wake of the catchy first single from "Ke$ha". It is pronounced "Keh-Shah"? Or "Key-sha"? I've even heard "Kay-sha". My recommendation for any new artist (or Prince) would be to never use symbols in your name. you're welcome.

Anyways, at work yesterday, this very conversation led to another discussion regarding other terrible names. I said anything with an apostrophe is generally a bad idea. Then a co-worker showed me this video. I was laughing out loud. Take it with a grain of salt....but I don't care who you are, this stuff is funny:

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Anonymous said...

I almost peed my pants. That video is priceless!