Friday, January 22, 2010

I missed the actual anniversary....

....but it was a year ago this month that my pride & joy, my heart, my little man, Jonas went missing. A little tiny pug, gone for 10 days in the middle of winter, sub-zero temperatures. I still get upset when I think about it.

But there was some good to come out of the 10 days he was gone (maybe not for the boy.....the 10 days were rougher on him than they were on me, because he had to put up with my sobbing, blubbering, sorrowful self for that entire time.) But dozens and dozens of people came forward to help me find him. Some people I had never met, and they didn't know me or my dog. Some people were friends, or friends of friends. I had strangers calling my home asking if he'd been found. I had people offer to put up reward money. People going door-to-door. People putting up posters. People participating in search parties. All for my dog.

I can never thank those people enough.

Neither can Jonas!

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