Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I got some good news today....

....first of all my Mom is visiting this weekend. The reason this is great news is because she notified me ahead of time of her plans. Unlike the last time when she thought it would be clever to show up and surprise me. Now, don't get me wrong. I like having family visit me....I live 7 hours away from my hometown so I get overly excited when anyone even suggests a possible trip up this way. But as anyone who has a mother knows, a visit from Mom means a pre-emptive Martha Stewart-level cleaning spree, and numerous hours, even days, spent making sure everything is just right. Grass is mowed, hair is styled, clothes aren't ripped, there is food in the cupboards, the dogs aren't acting up, etc etc. Any little thing Mom could pick up on and then criticize, needs to be attended to. Stepford Wife style. And a Stepford Wife I am not.

Anyways, the second bit of good news I got, came in an email from my best friend back home. Her & her new BF are coming to Owen Sound for a wedding this summer! Lisa hasn't been here to visit in years. It's not until June but I am so excited already. Of course, I immediately had to find out who's wedding it is, as being in a small town, for all I know, we know the couple who's getting hitched. This is Lisa:

Anyways, my excitement of learning about these two impeding visits is being slightly overshadowed by the fact that I have to MC a press conference for the Wiarton Willie Festival tomororw morning. i'M VERY NERVOUS. Fortunately, a co-worker hooked me up with some official Wiarton Willie I will at least fit in with the locals.

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Meesh said...

Thrust squats. Enough said.