Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I found the best recipe....

.....and it even turned out the way it was supposed to. I think it did anyways.

I can't remember all the ingredients or the measurements or anything. Or how long you had to cook them for or at what temperature. (I left the recipe at home). But let me say three things:

Cheese. Jalapenos. Bacon.

That's really all you need to know.

To be fair, that photo is not of the actual bites of heaven that I made. But mine looked just as good. Better in fact. Ok, not better. But the woman who took the above photo has a really fancy, expensive camera so mine probably wouldn't have looked this nice even if I had taken a photo. But trust me, they were AMAZING. Now I'm just wiating to be invited to a special event or party so I can impress everyone with my potluck contribution. Hint, hint.



Fine. (*Feigning dissapointment*) I'll just eat all 2 dozen on my own.

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Meesh said...

mmmm better than miller's crossing jalepeno poppers mmmm