Thursday, February 11, 2010

I had my second.....

.....writing class last night. And I successfully completed my previous week's homework assignment with a couple hours to spare.

I had myself convinced that the reason I waited until the last minute was so that I didn't have the option to go back and change, edit and re-write it all week long. The truth is, I am a gifted procrastinator.

I was the first one to read my homework assigment out loud to the class - I came prepared though. I brought along a box of chocolates to share with the class to offset the possibility of a big, fat FAIL.

If I can coast through by buttering up my teacher & classmates with edible bribes, then I should pass with flying colours.

Note for next week: baked goods.


Meesh said...

what was the reaction james?

Jamie said...

I'm not too sure - but everyone enjoyed the chocolate :)