Thursday, February 25, 2010

Too Much Information?

I had a physical booked for yesterday. Everyone's favourite pastime, I know. I had to psyche myself up all week for it, or risk becoming overcome by terror and cancelling. I figured better to get it over with right?

Do you know I had two people wish me "good luck" before going to my appointment. Is this really appropriate? "Good luck", as in there is some sort of prize to be won? Or maybe as if I'm competing with others for a title (don't even ask what title could be awarded at the end of a physical. I came up with some good ones in my head. I won't share them here.)

Prizes might make the whole ordeal a little more tolerable though. Remember when you used to go to the dentist and they would send you away with a new toothbrush? Just think what sort of fun things they could give you after this appointment.

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