Friday, February 26, 2010

Molly & I....

....have been talking about taking a big step together. We've decided we're going to try to get healthy. Healthier. Or not. But we are going to try to walk a little more. Now, when you have as many dogs as we have, walking is just a part of life. But it's something both Molly & I could do without. We're more "loungers" than "walkers". Anyways, so I had this bright idea as Molly and I occupied our usual spots on the couch last night.

Me: "Hey, Molly, we should go for one of those walks that we've been talking about."

Molly (while looking really unimpressed): "Um, Are you nuts?"

Me: "Come on! It'll be fun! It's snowing out!"

Molly: "I wonder if I ignore you, eventually you'll just leave me alone."

Me: "Seriously! Let's go! What better time to start getting healthy than right now?! We can motivate & support each other. We'll make it a team effort!!"

Molly: "You know what? I'm pretty tired. *YAAAWWWWNNNN* Why don't you go ahead without me? I'm just gonna have a little nap."

Finally, I convinced her. We decided to start slow. Just a brisk walk around the block. We weren't even gone 5 minutes. Molly collapsed on the couch as soon as we got in the door.

Don't tell her I said this, but she really needs to work on her endurance.

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