Friday, February 19, 2010

I just called home.... check the messages. I rarely do this. It's not like I'm even expecting an important call or anything. I just thought, since I had a few extra minutes, I would check in and see if anyone had called us. It's sad that the thought someone may have called would be a highlight in my otherwise boring day.

One new message! How exciting!

"Hi, it's me."
(Some girl's voice...she sounds sultry)
"Um,I'm not sure when you'll be home."
(Who is this floozy!?)
"Anyways, sexy, I guess just give me a call when you get this, ok? Talk to you soon."
("Sexy"?! Sexy?!?! I swear, when I find out who this woman is, I'm going to knock her teeth out. Not to mention what I'm going to do to the boy! If he thinks for one second that....oh......hold you horses there Jamie.....)

......I just remembered that I called home when I got to work this morning.

Carry on everyone.