Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ok, I probably just.....

....ruined my luck. I just blogged about how nice the last two days have been, and how good things are happening. And now I'm probably going to get my ass kicked by karma. So I'm going to write about something not so great that happened yesterday.

I'm lazy today, so let's approach this in a point form. You'll get the idea.

-late for work
-dog runs away
-searching the neighborhood
-see dog but now he thinks it's a game
-still won't come back
-dog running through the neigbour's yard with a 20 foot leash trailing in the breeze behind him
-me in the driveway with soaking wet hair, sweatpants, and flip flops
-dog returns
-covered in mud
-requires his second bath in as many days

-requires me to have a second shower, after I'm done bathing him
-but don't have time
-now need to cover the rug so sopping wet dog doesn't ruin it
-same with the couch
-he is going to be the death of me

-but i still love him
-the end.

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