Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We did it!

We participated in the 11th Annual Polar BEar Dip in the Bay! It was this past Saturday.

Unfortunately, the ice had blown into the bay overnight so that prevented us from actually jumping in. I was bummed. But the organizers told us that the ice was jagged and dangerous and "horrible". That sold me on Plan B. The Fire department dropped their hoses into the Bay and set up a giant size sprinkler, which we all had to run through.

Here is our "Before" shot....still looking relatively pleased with ourselves:

And the "After":

Looking a little dazed and uncomfortable.

Anyways, I raised over $500. My team, Mix 106, raised over $2000 to help support local Special Olympians as they get set to head to Sudbury this year for the floor hockey championship.

Thanks to everyone who pledged me!

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