Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When we first got.....

....our cat Gorgeous George, he was at home with us for a couple of days before he made a kamikaze-like leap from an open second floor window of our home and dissapeared into the sunset. Now, I can't say I blame him. This relatively mellow cat had suddenly been dropped into the centre of a mad house with two large dogs tormenting him at every turn. I guess after those first 48 hours the guy had just had enough and split. I felt terrible obviously. How could I ever be trusted to look after anything if my new cat would rather take the chance of leaping to it's death rather than live with me. Anyways, Georgie was only gone a few days before I managed to catch him and re-immerse him into the constant canine torment.

Gorgeous George has, in the two years since this incident, settled in quite nicely. He is fat. He intentionally picks wrestling matches with the dogs for his own personal entertainment. He even snuggles with them in their dog bed when he's feeling particularly friendly.

Last night, I was driving up the street and I saw Georgie on someone's front porch, about 2 blocks from home. And he wasn't just sitting there. He was scratching at their door. As if he'd been let in there before.

That ungrateful little monster has been two-timing me with another family. No wonder hes gotten so fat.

He thinks he's so smart. I'm giong to have a talk with him when he gets home tonight. If that's how it's gonna be, well, two can play that game my feline friend.

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