Monday, March 29, 2010

We spent the large part......

....of yesterday cleaning out the garage. And by "large part", I mean 4 hours. It had gotten a little out of hand. Anyways, it now looks great. (I was going to post before & after photos, but the "before" photo was too embarassing, even for me.)

But the best thing about tackling that chore yesterday was that I came across an entire shoebox of photos that I thought I had lost.

Like this one:

I am in the back row, third from the left. Well, fourth if you count the teacher. They always used to put us big ones in the back. Story of my life.

I love this one:

It brings back some great memories.
a) my favourite place on earth, my grandparents cottage
b) a time when i was a natural blonde

And, god willing, it's the only topless photo of my floating around on the Internet.

Let's have a look at this one for a moment:

That photo is wrong for the following reasons:
a) my hair cut
b) the giant liquor bottle I am playing with
c) the bathing attire in the background

This picture of my Mom back in high school is one of my favourites:

They were probably the mean girls in high school. She looks like a mega bitch. Ina good way. Like she's in the cast of Grease. If Grease was set in the late seventies. Anyways.

By contrast, here I am during high school:

Obviously lacking some of the glamour and grace my mom posessed. And let's just get past the shoes right now everyone. Ok, get an eye full....take them in......and.....move on.

Not to be outdone, my Dad had his own style rockin' during my early childhood:

I like to call this look terorrist chic. (As for the artwork on our living room wall....I can only attribute my mother's poor inetrior design decisions to it being the 80's. I'm sorry.)

I hope you enjoyed my photo show & tell. Thanks for checking in.

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