Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We hosted a shindig....

...for the short one this past Friday night. She moved away with her Mom. So although we still get her every second weekend, she won't get to see her friends from school every day like she used to.

Anyone who knows me, knows I get very excited about party planning. Even if it's just an informal sleepover for 10-year old girls. Lootbags. Smores. Lots of junk food. Truth or Dare. At one point there was even an Easter Egg Hunt in the works!

The boy had different ideas though......

All little girls like fire right?

Then, he thought it would be wise to bust out a bow & arrow for a little target practice.

I hope Brooke enjoyed her party, as it's probably the last one her friends will be allowed to attend at our house if their parents have anything to say about it.

Weapon lessons & massive pillars of flame? Just another children's party at the Johnston residence.

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