Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tis' the season....

....for garage sales! My favourite time of year (aside from Christmas). The first one was this past Saturday. I almost pulled out my camera and took a photo of it, until the boy told me to grow up and act like a normal person. And normal people don't take photos to mark the occassion of the first garage sale of the year. I guess.

Anyways, it was wonderful. It's got me already looking forward to flea markets, and antiquing and yard sales. And the mother of them all....Goods Exchange Day (aka Giveaway Day, aka Curb Crawling). That is not until next month but I already have it marked in my day planner. I wish that were not true. But it is.

I was discussing Goods Exchange Day with some co-workers today, only one of whom was as excited about it as I am. I was trying to explain to the others that I treat it like a safari. It can be a long, grueling trek, sometimes requiring a trip home to re-stock on food and proper clothing before heading out again. This can continue long into the night. I take it very seriously.

Co-worker: "I couldn't believe it - one time I was out, it was geting late, and saw these losers with flashlights looking into the boxes of free crap at the end of every laneway."
Me: "That was me."

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